In 2020, despite emergence of COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand and increasingly competitive environment in the food sector, S&P still commits to operating its business on a sustainable development path throughout the value chain, recognizing the prevention and maintenance as well as placing the utmost importance to food safety and customer service. As a result, of its adherence to business principle of "Quality, Value and Virtue" and balanced development in terms of business, society and environment, S&P has gained recognition and trust from shareholders, customers and business partners for over 47 years.

As a result of the challenges arose during the past year, S&P has planned, managed and widened its perspective to be well-rounded. The operations were in line with the Company’s sustainability goals covering 5 areas, which were

In order to support reduction and elimination of single-use plastic policies in accordance with policy of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to initiate cooperation between the public and private sectors in an effort to reduce and eliminate the use of single-use plastics, the Company therefore announced the suspension of providing plastic bags from January 1, 2020 onwards as well as giving alternatives to consumer by offering reusable loincloth bag made by community enterprise group in Amnat Charoen Province in order to encourage consumers to use their existing resources efficiently (Reuse).

Adoption of Environmental-friendly Packaging. Realizing the environmental impact of plastic waste, S&P has continuously implemented measures to reduce the use of plastic in its packaging. In 2020, we were able to reduce the use of plastic by 117 tons.

The Company has been continuously committing to develop healthy menus to provide consumers with more nutritious and nourishing food choices. This year, we have developed two healthy bakery menus, multigrain bread and cereal cookies, under 'Delio' brand, which have received a lot of positive feedback from customers and able to generate sales of more than 3.49 million baht.

S&P has implemented effective bakery waste management by making accurate production plan from the upstream sources through E-Ordering program. As a result, the amount of bakery leftovers decreased by 14.96%, representing a value of more than 20 million baht. In addition, S&P has launched Food Rescue Project to donate surplus bakery products from daily production to needy communities. This is considered as effective management of surplus products for maximize benefits, reduce food loss and alleviate impact of greenhouse gases on the world. S&P was able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6,544 kgCO2e or equal to household electricity consumption of up to 584.49 days.

S&P commits to create customers' satisfaction via the Company's evaluation channel in terms of taste, service and cleanliness, in which more than 81% of customers were satisfied of our products and services. Even though there were several factors which resulted in decline of customer satisfaction from the specified goals in this year, S&P still endeavors to develop products and services in order to create highest satisfaction for our valued customers.

100% of S&P business partners accept S&P Code of Conduct for suppliers in accordance with S&P guidelines to ensure that our business partners operate in a socially responsible manner throughout the value chain.

With its dedication to become a sustainable organization, S&P has received environmental certificates from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) for (1) Carbon Footprint of Organization (CFO) Project of S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited, production line of bakery factories at Bangna Km. 23.5 and Sukhumvit 62, (2) Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) Project which 5 products were certified, namely 1. Jam Roll, 2. Pandan Roll, 3. Coffee Roll, 4. Mixed Flavored Cake Roll and 5. Almond Brownie. In addition, S&P jointly signed and received honorary plaque in “Ceremony to Announce Intention to Promote Equality, Eliminate Unfair Discrimination between Genders” in order to raise awareness and take part in promoting equality and fairness between genders as well as being an exemplary role for other organizations.

S&P will continue to work towards achieving its sustainability goals under short-term and long-term plans covering five goals, namely food quality, safety and nutritional goal, customer relationship management goal, waste and food waste management goal, goal of reduction of use of plastic packaging, and human capital development goal to realize its promise of “Healthier Family, Happier World” for employees, customers, business partners and allies to have good physical and mental health for sustainability.

Lastly, I would like to offer appreciation to everyone for faithful and devoted support for S&P business, we will endeavor ourselves to operate business placing utmost emphasis on food safety and service, while providing care for society and preserving the environment as fundamental for S&P's growth together with the Thai society.

Maneesuda Sila-On
Chief Sustainability Officer