S&P Learning Center

The vision of senior management with awareness that "humans", regardless of whereabouts, are SNP's important Asset to be developed for maximum efficiency, has led to the policy and concept of supporting and pushing for the establishment of school in the workplace in the form of "Learning Center" pursuant to the National Education Act 1999.

S&P Syndicate Public Co., Ltd. (SNP) is one of seven establishments ready and appropriate to be a model of setting up a learning center, which has been approved by the Office of the Education Council. S&P Learning Center has started its operation in the first year for the academic year 2007 in Vocational Education Certificate courses in 2 areas of study, namely

  1. Commercial Field, Retail Business Program
  2. Home Economics Field, Food and Nutrition Program

The objectives are to enhance education for young workers and employees in SNP, develop human resources for increased work capabilities as well as produce personnel in specialized professional lines to have competence and expertise consistent with the needs of the food and service industry. Moreover, so as to reduce educational disparity, SNP has opened up for educationally underprivileged students interested to further study in vocational food and service courses to have the opportunities for learning theoretically and practically from bilateral vocational training. The students will receive allowances on practical study days from internships at SNP throughout 3-year courses of study and will be accepted as employees of SNP immediately after graduation.

This is development of personnel's capabilities in consistency with the professional line, reduction of unemployment, promotion of incomes while studying, business expansion and provision of educational opportunities for students as well.

S&P Learning Center has undertaken the educational cooperation projects with educational institutions at various levels nationwide, including:

1. Providing scholarships for studying free to underprivileged students from Rajaprajanukroh School Group, Suksa Songkhro Schools across the country, including students from other schools with lack of funds. SNP provides free study in the Vocational Education Certificate level of S&P Learning Center and grants scholarships at the bachelor's degree level. The students will practice vocations in tandem with their studies. Besides, they will be appointed as full-time employee of SNP after graduation.

2. Signing cooperation agreement with the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (VEC) by accepting students from vocational colleges in Bangkok Metropolis and other provinces for internships, professional training in the workplace.

3. Cooperation with higher education institutions to produce bachelor's degree graduates in the fields related to the food and service business so as to create personnel with knowledge, competence in the food and service business that meet SNP's needs, who can pursue vocations and develop the competencies to be restaurant, bakery shop managers or chefs immediately after graduation.

4. Cooperation with the Office of Vocational Education Commission (VEC) in developing manpower to meet international standards according to the labor market’s needs. The memorandum of cooperation: Joint Public and Private Sector Committee has been made to develop vocational workforce in the food business and service sector with vocational colleges nationwide. Besides, occupational courses of the shop's work standards have been used to practice preparedness and confidence in working for teachers and students under the vocational colleges that have signed the cooperation agreement with SNP before starting the actual internship in the shop.

Benefits that the students will receive

The students selected to be students at S&P Learning Center will receive the following benefits.

  • Gratis tuition fees for 3 academic years
  • Free lunch on the theoretical classes and internship days (theory courses and practice courses)
  • Free school uniform and internship uniform
  • Free student dormitory for 1 semester (the 1st semester only)
  • Free medical expenses and life insurance, annual health check according to SNP regulations
  • Available allowances on the practical study days for 3 academic years
  • Vocational training in the workplace
  • Available jobs immediately after graduation and examination to become full-time employees according to Competency level
Documentary evidence for application
  • Photograph
  • Junior high school educational background
  • Copy of house registration
  • Copy of ID card
Educational and teaching management

Classes are divided into 2 semesters, 18 weeks for each semester. The first semester starts in June. Theoretical classes are held at Phetkasem Management Technological College. Practical learning, professional experience, skill training, internship units, restaurants of S&P and its affiliates 6 days a week, 1 day off from school per week.

Follow news and apply to study at : https://www.facebook.com/sp.learningcenter